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OmiseGo [OMG]’s updates on their upcoming eWallet

On 20th July, OmiseGo, a decentralized exchange, and payments platform released a weekly mini-update from the eWallet team. The eWallet was launched in the month of February this year. It was released for public use as an open source software for onboarding the eWallet providers.

This update is regarding the eWallet’s progress for the week gone by, that includes the time spent on testing upgrades, fixing bugs, wallet documentation etc.,

OmiseGo updates status of their eWallet progress

OmiseGo’s Twitter status update | Source: Twitter

OmiseGo is a platform that is not owned by any single party and is instead considered to be an open distributed network of validators. They claim to use the proof-of-stake blockchain system that enables market activity amongst all participants.

Although the application does not currently support blockchain technology and a clear migration path for full decentralization has not yet been achieved, it is not the final SDK release of the software as it is undergoing constant development since its initial release.

OmiseGo has been constantly updating the development of the application to the public as it is evident from the recent post the company put up on Reddit.

Update list provided by OmiseGO | Source: Reddit

Update list provided by OmiseGO | Source: Reddit

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts see this constant flow of information released to the public as a positive sign of being completely transparent in their developments and that the companies in question are in a constant state of improvement.

Glamorousfunk, a Reddit user  surmises:

“Thanks for keeping up with these updates. Some things may not make much sense to me but I still appreciate you putting the content out there.”

Another Redditor, treelara adds:

“Thank you for the updates, Omisego team! I, for one, appreciate them whether it is daily, weekly or whenever you have the opportunity!”

Redditor, gary16jan commented saying:

I’m loving the frequent updates, keep it coming!

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